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How to use online auto-nesting?

Padshare provides online auto-nesting service so that you can accomplish your marker work within a minute.
1.1 Open your marker work page and select on the right top and select“Automatic.”
1.2 Select “Regular” or “Sectional” depends on your need, and set up auto-nesting finish time by enter the min.
1.3 You will be asked to pay 2 tokens.
1.4 Click “Pickup” on the queue page to pick up and finish your marker job.

How to use remote plotting service?

Click 「Service」 → 「Remote Plot...」.

Select the Plotter in your area and complete the setting.

*At present, only the following areas to provide remote plot services: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei.

When you are finished, click 「Preview」 to view the print results.
Click on 「Plot」, the following window appears, press the 「OK」 button, the file will be printed by our Plotter.