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How much does Padshare cost?

(Grace period) 07 May 2018 to 31 August 2018

Standard : US$45 per license/month, US$ 135 per license/3 months, US$270 per license/6 months and US$540 per license/year

*One license allows you to edit one file at one time. If you have 2 licenses, it allows you to edit 2 files at the same time.

*All standard users with effective licenses can use Pattern Design and Marker Design, plus FREE Upload, Download, Auto-nesting

***Starting from September 1st, 2018, Padshare Monthly service charges will be

  • USD 60 per month
  • USD 153 for 3 months (15% discount at USD 51 per month)
  • USD 288 for 6 months (20% discount at USD 48 per month)
  • USD 540 for 1 year (25% discount at USD 45 per month)

How to purchase or extend Padshare Licenses?

You can use Padshare software when you have effective Licenses. All your licenses are tied to your share account which allows files in your share to be edited. One license allows one concurrent edit.
1.You may purchase or extend your licenses in settings > account page:
2.Click the “Add License” Button, if you don’t have any licenses or if you want more licenses.
3.Extend your licenses by clicking on the pricing options
4.Finally, click “checkout” to pay for your purchases

What is token?

Previously Tokens were used for online Auto-nesting service, plotting service, conversion (upload & download files). Starting from 2018-05-07, however, Auto-nesting service and conversion will be free. And plotting services will no longer be available. Download remains only available for standard users. In this essense, tokens are no longer needed. You may keep the tokens for possible future services, or email us for a refund.

How to purchase the golden tokens?

Please follow these steps to purchase tokens:
1.1 Open the account page in your share by clicking the settings icon and choosing Account from the menu. You can see three kinds of tokens on the top, and click the golden tokens which you can purchase anytime according to your needs and will never expire.
1.2 After entering the token purchasing page, you can enter the amount of quantities you would like to purchase.
1.3 Please click ”Purchase” button to check out after enter quantities you would like to purchase.
1.4 You can go to the account billing history to see the order history of your golden tokens.

How do i apply for Education Plan?

Please follow steps below:
Step 1. Please check with your school to contact with Pad distributors for student plan discount.
Step 2. Distributors at your service will then provide agreement and payment terms for your school.
Step 3. Once your school is eligible, we’ll mark your account as a student. The maximum use of student account is in 2 years term. And your student plan will be reviewed by your distributor every year for eligibility.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. We believe you’ll find Padshare helpful to have all the time, but you can cancel the monthly or annual paid subscription at any time. If you cancel a monthly plan, you’ll be able to use the service for the remainder of the month for which you’ve already paid, but you will not be charged the following month.

How to close Padshare account?

1.1 Please go to Padshare account setting.
1.2 You will see the following Service Agreement page, click “Close Share” and “OK”, your share account will be closed.