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How to invite my friends and colleagues to my Store?

Get into your store and click on the top right. Enter the email belong to the people you want to invite, Padshare will send the invitation email automatically.

How to manage the access right?

First, login into your Share.

Click the icon on the top right.
Select “Roles” on the drop-down menu. Then you can start to add, delete or adjust the right to access your stores.

What is the definition of the access right?

Store Manage: The top right to manage the store, you can enter the store and edit the works.
Store Enter: You can only enter the store.
Store Write: You can enter and edit the store information.
Work Access: You can open and edit the work but can't delete the work.
Work Delete: You can delete the work.

How can I set up the access right?

You should set up the access right first. Lean More
After setting the access right, please go to the store you want to invite people.
Then click the “invite” icon on the right top. Enter the email and choose the role as you want.
We'll send a notification email to the invited people.

How can I modify the access right name?