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What is Share, Store and Work on Padshare?

Share – first page you see after login in, you can see all the stores you have on Share Page.
Store – Store page is the page you store work.
Work – in another word is file. The pattern/marker work (file) you create will be saved at your store page.

How to create a Share?

You'll use this account to sign into the Padshare so you can access your works from anywhere. When creating your password, please assign a highly secure one if you are going to store confidential works.

How to create a Store?

If you have many works stored on Padshare, you can have them in different stores.

First, go to your Share and click . Select a store,then click or on the top right to edit or delete your store.

How to create a Pattern?

After installing Padagent successfully, you can create patterns by adding a new pattern work or uploading files.

Find the icons on the top right corner in your store page. Click and to add a new pattern work or click import file to import files you want to edit on Padshare.

How to create a Marker?

After installing Padagent successfully, you can create markers by adding a new marker work or uploading files.

Choose a pattern work you want to make marker and click to copy the pattern file name. When the pad system tool opened, you'll be asked to paste the file name. Right click and paste the file name you had copied. The other way to create a marker is to upload the file by clicking

How to download my works?

You can download your works in multiple formats such as DXF-AAMA, DXF-ASTM, STY.

First, choose the pattern or marker file you want to download. Click the “Download” icon on the top right. Select the file format you want to export. Click “OK” to download.

What can I do if there's a gold lock icon on the top right of my works?

That means the work is opened by someone. You can open the work in read-only mode, or choose the locked work and click the “Unlock”icon on the top right to unlock the work.

Why I need to enter password when I open the works?

For security issue, you will need to enter your password when you first login to your account. You won’t be asked to enter your password in 24 hours again, but if you close your browser and re-login to Padshare, you will be asked again to enter password.
After 24 hours, you will be asked again to enter your password when opening works.

What kinds of file format could I upload or download?

For pattern works, you can upload STY, DXF, DXF with RUL, ZIP, PLT/HPGL and download STY, DXF, DXF with RUL, ZIP, PLT/HPGL file formats.
For marker works, you can upload and download MAR file.

Why can't I open the work even thought I already download Padagent?

After downloading Padagent, you must install it to be able to open works on Padshare. Please make sure you install Padagent successfully.

Why can't I save the work successfully?

Please check your network connection status, if the connection is not stable or disconnected, your work may not be saved successfully. If the network connection is re-connected, you can save your files on Padshare.

How to copy a work on Pattern Design?

Choose a work and click to copy work name. Go to file and load a Pattern file. Open your Pattern Design, click the work.

How to save work as PLT file?

Selected「Options」→ Preferences...
Plot → Plotter → Add...
In the option 「Plotter is connected to local port」 set 「Plotter Port」 as File.
You can select models based on your plotter, or choose a file format with more Plotter-compatible Hewlett Packard-HPGL 2
Select the plotter's paper width, click 「Finish」.
Click 「OK」.
Click「File」→ 「Plot...」.
Select the plotter model, set up the plot information, click on the 「Plot」.
Save file.