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How to activate my Share?

After creating your Share, you should receive an email with the subject line "Thanks for joining PAD System Cloud! Ready to start your Share?" In that email, there is an activated link that you should click to activate your account.

What can I do if I didn't receive the activate email?

You can login into your account and click the "Click here to resend" button to receive the activate email again. Or you can go to your junk mail box to make sure the activation email is considered as junk mail.

*Please kindly add "" to whitelist so that you can receive our emails.

Where can I update my profile?

Sign in to PAD System Cloud website. Click "My Profile" on the left column of share page.

How do I change my password?

Sign in to PAD System Cloud website. Click "Password" on the left column of the page.

Enter your new password and click "Reset", then your password is reset.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

Enter your email address at the forgot password page on Padshare website. An email will be sent with a temporary password. After receiving this email, please login into your Share and change your password soon.

The latest version of Pattern & Marker Design tools

Previously all PAD System Cloud users are using PAD Pattern & Marker design tool Version 6 (V6). The latest Version 7 (V7) is now available on Pad System Cloud. You may start to experience the new features of V7,or keep using V6.

When you open or create a file, Padshare by default will ask you which version to be used.

When you select “V7”, all the saved works will be in V7 format. Please note, all V7 format cannot be opened in V6.

How to set PAD version preference?

If you do not wish to choose each time, you may change the PAD version preference under “My Profile”.

Step 1)

Step 2)

Select your preference

Step 3)

Click save to confirm your version preference

Step 4)

You need to refresh the “Stores” page for the version preference to take effect.

(Windows: press F5; Mac: press Cmd+R)

What file format will you see?

You will see the file format version on the left hand side of General Information.

For more V7 information References:

Pattern Design V7 release note

Marker Design V7 release note