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Why I can't log into my share after creating a new account?

After creating your Share account, you should receive an email with the subject line " Thanks for joining PAD System Cloud! Ready to start your Share? "

In that email, there is an activated link that you should click to activate your account.

What can I do if I didn't receive the activate email?

You can login into your account and click the " Click here to resend " button to receive the activate email again. Or you can go to your junk mail box to make sure the activation email is considered as junk mail.

Why I have to install Padagent?

Padagent is a computer program that helps you open Padsystem tools on your computer.

Why can't I open the work even though I already download Padagent?

After downloading Padagent, you must install it to be able to open works on PAD System Cloud. Please make sure you install Padagent successfully. It shows up a new icon on the taskbar, so that you can start to use your Padagent.

If you have installation problems, please see Installation Problem .

What can I do if there's a gold lock icon on the top right of my works?

That means the work is opened by someone. You can open the work in read-only mode, or choose the locked work and click "Unlock" icon on the top right to unlock the work.

How can I edit two or more files at the same time?

One license allows you to edit one file at one time. If you have 2 licenses, it allows you to edit 2 files at the same time.

Where can I find tutorials for tools?

1. You can download manual at .
2. Tutorial video.