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Create a Share

You'll use this account to sign into Padshare so you can access your works anywhere. When creating your password, please carefully choose a strong one if you want to store confidential works.

Activate your Share

After creating your Share, you should receive an email with the subject line "Thanks for joining PAD System Cloud! Ready to start your Share?" Please follow the Email instruction to activate your account.

Download and install Padagent

After logging in to PAD System Cloud, enter your Store page and click which is on the top right hand corner on your screen. After downloading Padagent, follow the instruction to install it.
If you have installation problems, please see Installation Problem.

Create a Pattern

After installing Padagent successfully, you can create patterns by adding a new pattern work or uploading files.

Get into your store and find the icons on the top right. Click and to add a new pattern work or click to import the file you want to edit it on PAD System Cloud.

Create a Marker

After installing Padagent successfully, you can create markers by adding a new marker work or uploading files.

Get into your store and choose a pattern work that you want to make its marker work. After choosing a pattern, click to copy the pattern file name and then add a new marker work as adding a pattern work. When the pad system tool opened, you'll be asked to paste the file name to continue doing marker. Right click and paste the file name you have copied. The other way to create a marker is to upload the file by clicking

Create a Store

If you have many works stored on Padshare, you can add new stores to categorize your works.

First, go to your Share and click . Select a store,then click or on the top right to edit or delete your store.

Invite people

Get into your store and click on the top right. Enter person's email you want to invite, Padshare will send the invitation email automatically.

Live Chat

Sign into your account and click to find live support at Hong Kong time, 9 am to 6 pm, Monday ~ Friday.