A platform beyond work sharing

Cloud storage, CAD tools, online services for the apparel industry

A Platform to create your own designer community

Create your own community to work and share ideas within your designer circle. Stay connected anywhere you go to keep the collaboration going with designers and work partners.

Powerful Online CAD software

Padshare provides a professional pattern design CAD software which enables you to open your files through a browser and start design your pattern, grading, and marker to achieve a total solution of your design process.

Compatibility with other file formats

You can upload or download other CAD software file formats. For examples: IBA、VET、ZIP、STY、DXF etc., enable you to easily work with other customers and suppliers.

Maximum Result of Efficiency

Padshare autonesting tool helps you to maximize the result of fabric usage by eliminating wastage to increase sample efficiency and shortening production lead time.

Flexible Payment

Padshare makes CAD pattern making software no longer a highly priced commercial software. With our flexible payment terms, you can now choose the plan that fits your needs.


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